Directory Listings Help Your Virtual Assistant Business Get Noticed

Why should you bother listing your virtual assistant business in an online directory like Virtual Assistant Club? Besides the benefits, discounts, ongoing support, and training recommendations, there are several reasons…

1. Your Virtual Assistant Business will get increased visibility

Search engines rank directories well because they sort out the submitted data according to category and relevance. If you’re listed in this virtual assistant directory, your business will get a large boost in search rankings.

What does that mean for you? You’re much more likely to be found when someone goes to Google looking for a virtual assistant.

Most virtual assistants are paying over $100 per year (and some much more than that) to be part of an organization, but what if a potential client wants to search according to skills, specialties, or even location (time zones matter!)?

What if you’re just starting out and can’t afford ongoing fees amounting to hundreds of dollars?

We want to help you get listed, get seen, and get clients.

2. You Have Increased Authority

  • When clients come looking for a virtual assistant and see that you’re a legitimate business owner with the skills they need, they’re more likely to hire you. You aren’t a mystery, you’re details are all in one place and they can sort according to what they need.
  • Your website gets backlinks. This is another way your virtual assistant business website will move up in the search engine ranks. The more sites that link back to your website, they more Google and the like will acknowledge your online presence.
  • If you know the basics of SEO (search engine optimization), you know this is true. If not, read this article on why it’s important to have backlinks from reputable and relevant sites like

Online directories contribute to your website’s authority because the details we ask are (hopefully) consistent with your website. Search engines are looking for consistency in information to reiterate your legitimacy.

3. Virtual Assistant Club Aims to be the Largest, Most Authoritative Online Directory

With our categories, tags, and media options, clients will be able to find exactly who they need and put a name with a face. Get RFP’s direct to your email inbox, we won’t act as the middleman like some other online directories. Clients can reach out directly to you, so this is your chance to show up, show off, and shine! Joining Virtual Assistant Club is truly a no-brainer for any new or established virtual assistant!

You don’t NEED to have a website to join, however, we highly recommend it and have suggestions and even a deeply discounted website design package if that’s something you’d rather outsource. Join here, select whether you want to be an annual member or an Elite Lifetime member, then create your listing. You simply upload your headshot and logo (if desired), add your specialties, skills, contact information, and wait for your ideal clients to come calling.

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