Code of Ethics

Virtual Assistant Club Code of Ethics

All Virtual Assistant Club members agree to abide by this Code of Ethics upon applying for membership.

Members promise to act with integrity and honesty in their profiles and when communicating with other members and potential clients.

Members promise to not knowingly be a party to any illegal or unethical practices.

Members promise to not engage in any activity which may be in conflict with the interest of potential clients.

Members promise to protect any and all information received from communicating with other members and/or clients.

Members promise to accurately represent their current knowledge, skill levels, and technical abilities in their profiles and are responsible for updating their profiles should these attributes change at any time.

Members promise to refrain from conduct that damages the reputation of other members, clients, and/or Virtual Assistant Club.

Members promise to not solicit other members for their own gain and/or profit unless they are strictly looking for contractors and are willing to provide specific job details in each communication.

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